Exclusive distributor of Spanish MOAC MOS and MTA

Are you looking for MTA or MOS books in Spanish? GMetrix is the exclusive distributor of these books. Whether you need the hard copy of Spanish Microsoft books or you are looking for e-books, you will get what you need with GMetrix.

For those looking for Spanish MOS books in physical form, we offer the following:

Word 2007  Word 2010

Excel 2007  Excel 2010

PowerPoint 2007  PowerPoint 2010

Access 2007  Access 2010

Outlook 2007  Outlook 2010

Additionally, we offer a variety of Microsoft books in Spanish online:

Word 2010

Excel 2010

PowerPoint 2010

Access 2010

Outlook 2010

Windows Server Administration Fundamentals

Security Fundamentals

Networking Fundamentals

Windows Development Fundamentals

Web Development Fundamentals

Sofware Development Fundamentals

Database Administration Fundamentals

Windows Operating System Fundamentals

Microsoft .NET Fundamentals

The e-books that we offer can be viewed through our Student Panel. In fact, they can be viewed on any device that is Silverlight capable. Offered as a site license in either English or Spanish, access to the e-books is a great option for schools looking to teach these subjects.

Testing Options Offered

GMetrix creates practice tests for the Microsoft Office certifications as well as the AutoDesk certifications. We have a variety of tests, and are constantly working to add more. In fact, currently we offer practice tests for the following certifications:



Word 2007     Word 2010

Excel 2007     Excel 2010

PowerPoint 2007     PowerPoint 2010

Outlook 2007     Outlook 2010

Access 2007     Access 2010

Word Expert 2007     Word Expert 2010

Excel Expert 2007     Excel Expert 2010

Windows Vista     SharePoint 2010

OneNote 2010    *coming soon* Office 365



Software Development Fundamentals

Windows Development Fundamentals

Web Development Fundamentals

Database Administration Fundamentals

Networking Fundamentals

Security Fundamentals

Windows Server Administration Fundamentals

.Net Fundamentals





The majority of these tests have multiple pools of questions, and they all have two options – testing and training. What does that mean for you? Well, it means that you get a variety of ways to practice for your certification.

Each pool of questions has about 30 questions each. Each question has been crafted based on the official certification objectives. And every pool of questions has been made to help you pass the certification.

Training and testing modes allow you to practice in different environments. Both modes use the same questions. However, when you take one of our practice tests in training mode, you are able to use help text. This text walks you through the questions step-by-step. Training mode also grades after every question. This allows you to know immediately how you did on each question. When you take a practice test in testing mode, access to the help text is blocked. Additionally, the test is graded at the end. This more closely resembles the official certification tests.

When looking for a way to get ready for your certification tests, it is important to make sure you understand what will be asked. Here at GMetrix we work our hardest to make sure you will be able to pass your test when you practice with ours.

If you have any questions about our tests, please contact us at support@gmetrix.com. If you are interested in purchasing a GMetrix license, visit us at gmetrix.com or send us an email for pricing information.